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May Offset Next Day Crash

Adderall crash is a phenomenon of “crashing” or coming down from the stimulating effects of this particular substance.  The longer they were on the drug, the more significant the potential of a crash will be.  While not everyone notices a crash or has symptoms, many individuals do.  One major problem is that most psychiatrists are not aware of this “crash” phenomenon.  Think about the saying “What Goes Up, Must Come Down”.

This saying applies perfectly to taking Adderall – while on it you essentially stimulate activity in your brain.  This results in a “high” level of brain activity and when the drug wears down, the high activity ceases and they return to normalcy.  But before returning to normalcy, many people experience a “low” – in other words their brain is almost the exact opposite of feeling “high” – this is a “low” or crash (the opposite end of the spectrum).

May Lower Drug Tolerance

One will not notice the same effects after a while at the same dose when using Adderall.  One will likely have to increase their dosage to continue to benefit from its usage.  Some users of Adderall suggest that taking ADDBack along with the medication helps to Reduce Drug Tolerance.

May Alleviate Next Day Fatigue

One may feel extremely lethargic with a sense of overall fatigue the day after taking Adderall.  This is because the body is trying to recover from the excess energy stores it burnt up while on the Adderall.

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