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Adderall is a common medication used to treat ADD and ADHD.  There are many other off label uses for this particular drug and as a result, many people take it.  It has become one of the more popular smart drugs – college kids are using to help themselves get in the zone for big tests and study sessions.  Whatever the reasoning for using it, they may end up crashing the next day as a result of their usage.


As work demands get tougher and tougher, and mental focus is essential to get ahead.  More professionals are using Adderal.  It's easy to see the appeal of a pill that keeps them in the zone in their hyper-focused, fast-paced, always-connected world.

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By most measures, rates of both legal and illegal prescription stimulants like Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, and Vyvanse continue to rise or remain stable for adults in the workplace.  Unfortunately, people are as limited by the prescriptions which only allow them so many.  Tolerance becomes a big issue, along with the unproductivity of a next day crash.

As we say....

What Goes Up, Must Come Down ...


As we know, adderall has a tremendous energetic, euphoric feeling.

People loose their inhibitions, talk to anyone, increase their ability to consume alcohol, can party for hours and overall feel like Superman.

It's awesome, until the next day.

Taking ADDback daily may help reduce the next day blues and may help lower their tolerance .

As we say....

What Goes Up, Must Come Down ...

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